Procurement Specialist

Listing reference: track_001070
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 28 July 2023
Position summary
Industry: IT & Internet
Job category: Purchasing
Location: Randburg
Contract: Permanent
Remuneration: Market Related
EE position: Yes
TRACKER requires the services of a Procurement Specialist is responsible for overseeing all procurement activities within the organization, including supervising a team of buyers; ensuring that all procurement processes and procedures are followed to acquire goods and services efficiently, cost-effectively, and in compliance with company policies and regulations. To oversee the entire vendor management process, contract negotiation, and strategic sourcing as and when required.
Job description


·       Procurement Strategy and Planning
o   Ensure all errors and discrepancies are corrected.
o   Develop and implement procurement strategies aligned with the organization's goals and objectives.
o   Conduct market research to identify potential suppliers and trends in the industry.
o   Collaborate with stakeholders to determine procurement needs, specifications, and timelines.
o   Create, communicate and implement a business plan that will enable the achievement of the departmental strategy for Procurement.
o   Ensure alignment of the strategic goals for the Procurement department with the larger Tracker business and confirm alignment with the relevant members of the senior leadership.
o   Build and maintain trusted partner relationships across the organisation to obtain a clear understanding of business direction and desired outcomes regarding procurement needs.
·       Vendor Management and Relationships
o   Evaluate and select vendors based on price, quality, delivery, and service.
o   Maintain strong relationships with suppliers, negotiate contracts, and manage supplier performance.
o   Resolve any vendor-related issues or disputes in a timely and efficient manner.
o   Manage all contracts and supplier performance by applying the supplier performance management tools and processes.
o   Investigate any improper conduct by service providers or bidders and take corrective action required.
·       Procurement Process Management
o   Establish and enforce procurement policies, procedures, and standards.
o   Oversee the procurement cycle, including requisitioning, sourcing, bidding, evaluation, and contract management.
o   Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and internal controls.
o   Review and implement Procurement policies in line with the financial strategy and legislative guidelines.
o   Develop and implement the Procurement Strategy for meeting turnaround requirements as expected by all stakeholders in line with the related SOP’s, providing quality goods and services at competitive prices.
o   Review and maintain effective Procurement processes, procedures and controls.
o   Communicate and upskill line management on the execution of the Procurement Plan in terms of the process and policy.
o   Prepare templates required for the implementation of the Procurement Plan in line with the bank’s strategic objectives.
o   Ensure the proper functioning of bid or related committees as per the Procurement Plan.
o   Apply and resolve any legal disputes in terms of the contractual obligations.
·       Data Analysis and Reporting
o   Collect, analyse, and interpret procurement data to identify trends and opportunities for cost savings.
o   Prepare and present reports on procurement activities, performance metrics, and KPIs to management.
o   Conduct monthly reporting on project and general spend as well as overall profit and loss as it relates to Procurement.
o   Provide business insights and recommendations based on reporting to improve procurement practices and reduce spend where possible.
·       Governance and Compliance
o   Ensure compliance to relevant standards across the procurement service delivery value chain.
o   Ensure strict Statutory Tax compliance at all times.
o   Communicate, implement and live the company strategies and values.
o   Always act in accordance with the approved standard operating procedures and all other relevant legislation and best practices.
o   Maintain confidentiality of all information gained during performance of all financial operations duties.
o   Create and maintain authentic, timely and reliable records in relation to all duties completed.
·       People Supervision
o   Responsible for determining appropriate staffing requirements for the team.
o   Building the Procurement team – staff selection, development, coaching and motivating to levels of maximum potential.
o   Supervise staff according to company standards (appraisals, discipline, development, training etc).
o   Responsible for the driving of employee goals and objectives that align with the procurement strategy.
o   Develop staff to maximise potential including succession planning.
o   Monitor staff performance including performance reviews.
o   Manage staff output according to agreed KPIs.
o   Ensure regular staff meetings and alignment to strategic objectives and deliverables.
o   Monitoring of staff attendance and welfare.
o   Conduct Performance discussions and appropriate coaching as per company guidelines.
o   Manage the daily interface list, including investigations and correction of errors.
o   Logging of requests for technical interventions and enhancements.
o   Testing of system changes that are made.
o   Ad hoc inventory and revenue projects and reporting.
o   Pricing maintenance.
o   Accurate and timely preparation and processing of month-end files, journals and reconciliations.

Minimum requirements

·       Bachelor's degree in Procurement, Supply Chain Management, or a related field.  
·       5 Years’ experience within a Procurement environment.
·       2 Years’ supervisory or team leader experience within a Procurement environment.
·       Strong knowledge of procurement principles, practices, and regulations.
·       Familiarity with sourcing and procurement software systems.

·       Relationship Management
·       Tactical Thinking
·       Analytical Skills
·       Customer Service Orientation
·       Teamwork
·       Results Orientation
·       Problem Solving
·       Leadership skills
·       Highly organized, with the ability to multitask and prioritize effectively.
·       Communication Skills (Verbal & Written)
·       Able to work independently and as part of a team
·       Pro-active approach to their work
·       Excellent problem-solving ability
·       Excellent attention to detail
·       Negotiation skills

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