Skills Development Specialist

Listing reference: track_000761
Listing status: Closed
Apply by: 12 May 2022
Position summary
Industry: IT & Internet
Job category: Skills Development
Location: Johannesburg Metropolitan
Contract: Permanent
Remuneration: Market Related
EE position: Yes
Tracker requires the services of a Skills Development Specialist in the Learning and Development Department based at Tracker Head Office in Johannesburg. The objective of this role is to assume overall accountability for compliance on all internal and external training and skills development programmes, through administering, reporting and acquiring funding as regulated by legislative and SETA guidelines.
Job description

·      Compile and submit annual WSP and ATR company strategic objectives – whilst ensuring alignment to talent management and skills gap within Tracker.
·      Compile and submit discretionary grant applications
·      Reporting on skills development initiatives
·      Provide support for relevant BBBEE processes and audits and take full accountability of BBBEE reports and audits.
·      Ensure accurate recordkeeping of all training initiatives and training related activities
·      Responsible for developing the training plan on an annual basis, that adheres to SETA requirements
·      Conduct regular meetings with management to discuss and identify training needs
·      Present training proposals to respective Heads of Department to ensure strategic alignment
·      Obtain final approval from EXCO on training plans and proposals
·      Manage the relationship with respective SETAS
·      Facilitate the accreditation of learnership process
·      Understand and align training materials and activities to SETA requirements
·      Ensure submission of relevant documentation for SETA accreditation of training material
·      Conduct desktop and site verifications
·      Monitor the grants and levies from the SETA Online Grant System every month to ensure that the organisation’s levies are being shown in the system and that the SETA is paying the Mandatory Grant every quarter Report on BEE requirement from the aspiration system and payroll
·      Responsible for the management of the full Learnership process in conjunction with HC Operations
·      Effective management of the relationship with the Learnership service providers
·      Effective management of the relationship with the general business and the learners
·      Regular meetings with the learners and the coaches and managing the quality of coaches
·      Facilitate work readiness programmes for the learners
·      Monitor and facilitate the absorption of learners into the business in partnership with the Human Capital Business Partners
·      Develop, implement, and manage an external training process
·      Conduct the training needs analysis
·      Sourcing of external service providers
·      Negotiating and contracting of Service Level Agreements with external service providers
·      Scheduling of training with external providers
·      Monitoring training attendance and results and providing feedback to managers
·      Manage the external provider payment process
·      Manage the FAIS training process (Short-term Insurance Qualification, RE1 and RE5)
·      Attending and participation at the Tracker Employment Equity and Training Steering Committee
·      Report and present on training matters and grants
·      Report on the WSP and progress made
·      Report on BBBEE progress
·      Managing the full bursary process, including advertising, application shortlisting and presentation to the bursary committee
·      Ensure all relevant documentation is completed and maintained
·      Monitor bursary results
·      Manage the payment process to institutions and other relevant providers
·      Arrange for a graduation for bursary students and communication to the business.
·      Identify requirements for learning and development
·      Conduct project administration
·      Manage project finance (SETA rebates), and finance related functions
·      Deep understanding of skills development legislation and SETA functionality.
·      CSI – identify required CSI cost to achieve full points and related initiatives for Tracker whilst ensuring relevance to strategy of organisation as well as impact to the community at large
·      Revitalise the Tomorrow’s men’s Today program – partner with the department of education and other corporates to ensure a sustainable program.
·      SED and ED – identify required subminimum spend and associated programs to ensure achievement of identified points – ensure sustainable and impactful programs are implemented
·      Research the YES Program and where relevant implement in Tracker 
·      Manage and assist special projects as and when required, e.g. Care & Protect, First Aid etc. 

Minimum requirements

  • Tertiary qualification in Human Resource Development or a related field, ODETD, qualified Skills Development Facilitator
  • Strong presentation skills
  • MS Office with advanced Excel skills
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a Skills Development Facilitator role
  • 2 – 3 years management experience

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