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Tracker requires the services of a Senior Business Intelligence Developer in our BI Department. The Senior Business Intelligence Developer will be responsible to ensure optimal data warehouse performance, maintenance and development, as well as the management of ad-hoc analytics and reporting for business.

Job description

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Assume responsibility for the technical delivery of mandated projects.
  • Initiate analytics and reporting projects related to business performance and the meeting of Tracker strategic objectives.
  • Analyse competitive market strategies through analysis of related product, market, or share trends and advise business accordingly.
  • Conduct analytics of customer behaviour that impact Tracker’s service offering.
  • Provide analytical insight to business for the purpose of solving specific business-related challenges.
  • Confirm that all projects are supported with the requisite analytical process to ensure the provision of valuable insights to business.
  • Ensure the successful transition and alignment of business intelligence systems with new systems and platforms within Tracker for the purposes of continuity.
  • Continuously strive to achieve efficient automation of all systems and processes within the BI environment.
  • Synthesize current business intelligence or trend data to support recommendations for action within business.
  • Assume responsibility for the full implementation and running of the data warehouse.
  • Ensure data update process is secure and implemented daily.
  • Ensure quality of data is accurate and up to standard to secure quality outputs and insights for business.
  • Expand on the data warehouse in line with business requirements.
  • Collect business intelligence data from available industry reports, sales leads, third parties, public information, field reports, or purchased source.
  • Maintain and update business intelligence tools, databases, dashboards, systems, or methods to meet business requirements.
  • Continuously strive to achieve efficient automation of all processes utilising the data warehouse.
  • Ensure effective cross-functional Tracker relationships through sharing information to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Engage with business to ensure that output delivered meets the initial request.
  • Schedule regular interactions with relevant business leaders to stay in touch with business requirements and strategic objectives.
  • Initiate knowledge sharing and education sessions with relevant business leaders to ensure sound understanding of solutions provided.
  • Implement and maintain process to measure customer satisfaction with all BI services provided and ensure improvements are implemented where needed.
  • Responsible for creating required availability and capacity to cater for ad-hoc requests received from business.
  • Engage business stakeholders up front when requests are received to ensure that the need is properly understood and the outcome is clear.
  • Design, implement and maintain a relevant prioritisation framework that can be applied to all ad-hoc requests in the interest of managing delivery expectations.
  • Instill a culture of first empowering and enabling business to solve basic requests before specialist resources are allocated.
  • Implement and maintain a process of examining historical solutions for business requests in the interest of providing ready-made solutions that avoid possible duplication.

Minimum requirements

Qualifications, experience and competencies required:

Qualifications, experience and competencies required:

  • Degree or diploma within Information Technology
  • SQL qualification; Qlik qualification; and related BI Analytics qualification.
  • 5 Years’ experience within the business intelligence environment.
  • 3 Years’ experience within the telematics environment.
  • Qlik products and tools certifications
  • SQL skills
  • Completed Predictive analytics training
  • Microsoft Stack – SSRS, SSIS, SSAS certification
  • SQL qualification and Qlik qualification; and BI Analytics qualification. 

Do you require help with the registration process?

Our Support team is here to assist. Tel: 010 140 3099 Email: trackersupport@pnet.co.za
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