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TRACKER requires the services of a Technician: TQM in the Technical Support Department. We require a self-starter with an ability to analyse, innovate and possess strong attention to detail skills. The successful candidate will be required to Install and Investigate VNT/VND, SR’s, R&D Projects.

Job description

1.       VNT & VND Activity

  • Investigate VNT & VND.
  • Compile an accurate and detailed report regarding the findings of the installation.
  • Submit Findings report to Technician Administrator.
  • Update TQM Feedback Form Findings on SharePoint

2.      QA Investigation SR’s Activity

  • Investigate the quality of the installation.
  • Compile an accurate and detailed report regarding the findings of the installation.
  • Submit report to Technicians Manager if the installation was substandard.
  • Update TQM Feedback Form Findings on SharePoint.

3.      Productivity

  • Technician must achieve a 100% Productivity per month.
  • Productivity includes admin, drive time and installation time completed during the month by the Technician.

4.      General Admin

  • Capture daily activities (Installations) accurately on TQM Feedback form on SharePoint, within 24Hr’s.
  • Update VNT/VND, R&D and SR QA Investigation SharePoint database.
  •  Provide relevant documentations feedback on daily basis.

5.      Installation Activities

  •  Installing/Investigating Tracker Products on a daily basis.
  •  Installing/Investigating at least 2 Tracker Products a day.

6.      OEM and Installation Bulletin

  • Investigate and complete OEM or Installation bulletin.
  • An avr. Of 5 OEM or Installation bulletins needs to be completed per month.
  • Compile an accurate and detailed OEM or Installation bulletin.
  • Submit report on TQM Feedback Form SharePoint.

Minimum requirements

Minimum Requirements

  •  Grade 12
  •  Valid Driver License
  • Qualified Auto electrician.
  •  5 Years Relevant Tracker Systems & Product experience.
  • 5 Years Customer interaction experience.
  • Computer Literacy (MS Word, MS Outlook and MS Excel)
  • Tracker Applications exposure.

Do you require help with the registration process?

Our Support team is here to assist. Tel: 010 140 3099 Email: trackersupport@pnet.co.za
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