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Tracker requires the services of a Business Intelligence Developer in our BI Department. The Business Intelligence Developer will be responsible to create Business Intelligence Solutions within the chosen tool such as Qlik; maintain the existing models that have already been created; and develop new models in order to obtain meaningful insights from the data collected and allow business to make more informed strategic decisions.

Job description

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Engage with relevant stakeholders to specify the actual requirements for the project and agree on the end result to be achieved.
  • Create a project scope based on the need and requirements from business to optimise resources and agree timeous delivery with business.
  • Conduct risk evaluation and identify potential obstacles during initial engagement with business to identify feasibility and reasonable time frames for delivery of the project.
  • Liaise directly with the relevant Project Manager in ensuring successful delivery of projects.
  • Conduct relevant analytics on the data in question in order to meet business strategic objectives.
  • Conduct proactive analytics of customer behaviour that could potentially impact Tracker’s service offering.
  • Provide analytic insight to be used for new business potential (revenue growth) as well as process streamlining and cost optimisation.
  • Manage time and resources effectively to ensure delivery of projects.
  • Anticipate strategic needs and launch proactive analyses on behalf of business.
  • Continuously search for opportunities for improvement of existing models, processes and solutions and effect such improvements.
  • Assume responsibility for the development of new models and recommend best in class tools that should be utilised within the BI environment.
  • Transition with new systems and platforms within Tracker to ensure integration with current BI tools and models (continuity).
  • Training, knowledge sharing and equipping BI team members on models created within the BI team, including the demonstration of such new models.
  • Guidance and empowerment for business on models created and how to utilise them effectively.
  • Play a mentoring and upskilling role for the less experienced members of the team.
  • Continuously drive the automation of existing tools and models.
  • Provide technical support for existing reports, dashboards and BI tools.
  • Create and Maintain reports using BI tools such as SSRS, SISS and Visual Studio.
  • Make recommendations on the replacement of older technology by ensuring compatibility within the Tracker technological landscape.
  • Provide insights through the expert use of relevant models and tools that drive business value in strategic decision making.
  • Provide training and guidance to relevant stakeholders where required.
  • Draft relevant SOPs for stakeholders where required.
  • Present findings and insights in alignment with original request or business challenge.
  • Conduct timeously follow-up with relevant stakeholders to confirm successful delivery.
  • Continuously strive to improve the manner in which data is visualised and presented in order to exceed the expectations of business.
  • Ensure effective cross-functional Tracker relationships through sharing information to achieve the best possible outcome.
  • Engage with stakeholders to ensure that output delivered meets the initial request.
  • Schedule regular interactions with relevant business stakeholders to stay in touch with business requirements and strategic objectives.
  • Initiate knowledge sharing and education sessions with key stakeholders to ensure sound understanding of solutions provided.

Minimum requirements

Qualifications, experience and competencies required:

  • Degree or diploma within Information Technology
  • 5 Years’ experience in business intelligence (ETL processing, SQL reporting etc) is essential
  • 3 Years’ experience within the data modelling environment.
  • Qlik products and tools certifications
  • SQL skills
  • Completed Predictive analytics training
  • Microsoft Stack – SSRS, SSIS, SSAS certification
  • SQL qualification and Qlik qualification; and BI Analytics qualification. 

Do you require help with the registration process?

Our Support team is here to assist. Tel: 010 140 3099 Email: trackersupport@pnet.co.za
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