Learning and Development


  • The Tracker Learning and Development Academy is a well established and reputable training institution that focuses on the delivery of various competencies in the security and technology industry through dedicated leadership, teamwork and experienced training facilitators.
  • The Academy seeks to provide Tracker Connect with skilled people, who have the relevant competencies in sales, call centre operations, technical and insurance to ensure  that they perform their duties optimally within predefined organisational standards in support of Tracker’s 3.0 Strategic objective

Opportunities Offered

Tracker’s Learning and Development Academy offers learning opportunities for learners with Matric qualifications in Mathematics and Science to enhance their knowledge capacity. The career opportunities offered by Tracker include:

  1. Learnership Programme
    • Learnership programmes are open to South African youth under the age of 35 years.
    • Learnership programmes span over a period of 12- months. The programmes are open to learners with Grade 12 certificates with Mathematics and Science.
      • Learnership Programmes
        • Technical Learnership in Autotronics
        • Operations Learnership in in the field of Criminology
        • Call Centre Learnership
    • On completion of the Learnership programmes, placement is vacancy driven.

  2. Full Time Engineering Bursaries for university students studying towards the following degrees:
    • Bachelor of Science in Data Sciences   
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
    • Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering

  3. Internships
    • Tracker offers internship programmes to students that require the practical experience in order to complete their studies and acquire their qualification.

  4. Graduate Training Programme
    • Structured programmes for all unemployed qualified graduates with no work experience to gain workplace exposure in their respective disciplines such as:
      • HR
      • Finance
      • IT
      • Engineering

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MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Grade 12 Mathematics and Science
DURATION: 12-months


  • Technical (Autotronics)
    Upskill individuals to enable them to install electronic equipment into various vehicles, which includes trucks and plant machinery. The programme includes a structured learning approach that has a combination of theoretical and workplace learning.

  • Call Centre
    To assist individuals by giving them the skills, experience and knowledge required to work in a Call Centre environment. The skills programme consists of a structured unit standard based learning combined with practical/workplace experience.

  • Operations
    The Ops Learnership is a learning programme that leads to a professional NQF Level 5 qualification in the field of Criminology. We have a formal learning programme with an accredited skills development provider, who facilitates the formal training, which is supported by Operations to ensure that a strong emphasis is placed on workplace learning and experience.

APPLICATION: Advertisements sent out on the Tracker website
BY WHEN: September/ October

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Grade 12 Mathematics and Science on Higher Grade with Maximum Distinction Pass
DURATION: 3 - 4 years


  • Bachelor of Science in Data
    Strong mathematics core and a focus on data science and applications thereof. The degree is designed to develop highly skilled graduates in areas in which there are considerable shortages across the country.

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
    Focuses on the relationship between computer hardware and software systems. Graduates should be prepared to evaluate systems and design efficient solutions to problems.

  • Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering
    Design, construct, manufacture, maintain and commission electronic circuits in the computer, telecommunications, electronics and manufacturing industries. .

APPLICATION: External advertisements on Student Village and Tracker’s website
BY WHEN: October/November

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Diploma Qualification
DURATION: 6-12 months


  • Engineering and Non-Engineering
    Open to learners that require practical experience in order to acquire their qualification. The workplace exposure offered is in line with the institution requirements.

APPLICATION: Source directly from the University of Technology, Technical Vocational Education and Training(TVETS) as well as from Student Village data base.
BY WHEN: October/ November

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Diploma and Degree Qualification
DURATION: 12-18 months


  • Engineering and Non-Engineering disciplines
    Offered to fully qualified unemployed graduates with no work experience to gain workplace exposure in their respective disciplines such as:
    • HR
    • Finance
    • IT
    • Engineering

APPLICATION: Uses Tracker website for advertisements as well as Student Village data base
BY WHEN: October/ November